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Student Check Out

If your student will be leaving early, please send a written note with them for the attendance office first thing in the morning. The student will be given a pass to come to the office at the designated time.  If a note was not received prior to check out, you can expect a possible delay while we summon your student to the office.

If your student is a driver and needs to check out early, a note is required from parent stating the time for check out, destination, and that he/she has permission to drive themselves. Same applies to walkers. No student (even 18-year-olds) will be allowed to check out without written consent from parent. Student must check out through the Attendance Office prior to leaving campus, or they will be marked as an unexcused absence. VERBAL CONSENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Parents/guardians must sign all students out through the Attendance Office, or the student will be truant. You will be required to show your photo ID when checking a student out. Please remember to bring your government-issued photo ID.

Students may not be checked out after 2:45 PM.