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Katherine Teed, Library Assistant

Phone: (409) 766-5727

Degrees and Certifications: BA from Southern New Hampshire University


I am Katherine Teed, though you can probably call me Ms. Kat! The 2021-2022 school year is my first time teaching at Ball High School, though I graduated from here in 2009. Previously working within the district at L.A. Morgan as their librarian, I have transferred into the role of assistant librarian here at Ball and am very excited for what the year brings. I graduated with my BA from Southern New Hampshire University with concentrations in both business and criminology; however, my true passion is books! Having struggled with dyslexia as a child, my thirst for reading didn't come until my late teens. Since then, I have worked with kids on many different levels, encouraging their own love for books, without feeling the same force I often felt as a child. Most of them are surprised and excited to learn that when I was young, I didn't like reading, that I struggled a lot, but now I read an average of fifty books a year. Leading book clubs within the daycare I use to run, I have since developed reading adventures for kids within the school system.  When I am not working or reading, I like to write, listen to music, watch detective shows, and bad reality TV. I look forward to another amazing year back at Ball High and hope to offer the kids something new and exciting when it comes to the school library.