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FabLab 3D Printing

3D printing is what is known as additive manufacturing.  A spool of filament is forced through a nozzle opening that is heated to 215 degrees celsius.  The nozzle moves back and forth on an X, Y & Z axis as the filament is heated and prints in multiple layers to form an object.

The filament is a starch based product known as PLA (Poly lactic acid).  Most filament is made from sugar cane.

3D models can be created in Fusion 360 or AutoDesk Inventor and then sent to the 3D printers.  We have several MakerBot Replicator + & Ultimaker 3D printers in the FabLab.

To get a jump start on what can be done with 3D printers go to and create a FREE account. You can then start to create your collection of 3D models and begin to design your own.

3D prints to be printed at the FabLab go through our online print management software called 3DPrinterOS.  Log into 3DPrinterOS to create a FREE account. 

Check out the FabLab YouTube Channel for instructions on setting up your account: FabLab YouTube Channel

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