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FabLab CNC Milling-Wood and Metal

We have two CNC mills in the FabLab.  A CNC mill, or Computer Numerically Controlled works by using routing or drill bits to carve or engrave machine parts from materials such as aluminum, printed circuit board material &  plastics such as HDPE. The other CNC, The ShopBot 24 can carve wood & plastic to create furniture, parts, signs, and just about anything that you need.

OtherMill CNC

The OtherMill is a small desktop CNC machine that can be used for creating circuit boards.  This is mostly used when designing a circuit in Eagle and then engraving the PCB (printed circuit board) so that you can solder your parts to it. 

 The OtherMill can also mill aluminum to make things like jewelry, keychains, dogtags, etc.


Learn more here:

CNC CookBook:CNC Cookbook


Here are some great first projects to get you started: 

Inventables Project ideas

Using SVG files in Bantam Tools to mill on the OtherMill  

Bantam Tools projects for the OtherMill

Fusion 360 Resources & The OtherMill CNC

SparkFun Tutorials   

How to use OtherMill with Fusion 360

How to use Fusion 360 with OtherMill

Fusion 360 CAM Tutorial for CNC Beginners

Try this for your FIRST project!  

ShopBot 24

The ShopBot CNC is a desktop mill that has a bed of 24" x 24".  You can cut or carve wood & plastics.  Some examples would be furniture parts, plaques, wood carvings, etc.

Learn more here:

 If that's not enough, check out the self-paced CNC introduction to get some ideas of stuff that YOU can build!

CNC Class